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We are game developers from Scotland that are passionate about creating unique game play experiences. We started out on this adventure back in 2013 with the belief that we could bring our own unique twist to the current games market.

Prior to 2013, we worked together in software industry for research and ux companies working with eyetrackers. In this time we would pass many a night down the pub sipping amber nectar coming up with great game ideas. Now with the help of Unity3D, democratising the games industry, we have the chance to make that dream in to a reality.

Over the last few years we have had the opportunity to work with people from across the industry, outsourcing our skills to deliver quality apps that meet the customers needs. Learning and acquiring new skills all the time that will hopefully help us bring our game ideas to life.

Expertise in game design and development with over 15+ years in the IT industry. We have experience working on a variety of Unity3D projects for mobile.

Available for hire, working remotely or within a team

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